A GP led, truly mobile, medical clinic which collaborates with pre-existing homeless charities, shelters, and services to provide primary healthcare specifically for the homeless community. This not-for-profit mobile medical centre for the homeless community of NSW. As a not-for-profit organisation, their goal is to increase awareness both within the homeless community, as well as to the community. As a service for the community, support is always appreciated and thus their rely on your help to widen their reach and spread their initiative throughout the community! At eight o'clock in the evening, while most 25-year old's are enjoying a night out, Daniel Nour Founder of Streetside Medics is behind the wheel heading out on a date of a very different kind.

During the day Daniel Nour is a doctor at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital but it's during the night away from the squeaky-clean ward corridors where Dr Nour finds life most rewarding.

Dr Nour has sunk his life savings into transforming a van into a mobile medical service to treat the homeless.