Speaker Date Topic
Chris Anthony Oct 22, 2019 6:15 PM
Teachers on Wheels
Teachers on Wheels

Teachers on Wheels is an Australian registered Charity. The mission of Teachers on Wheels not-for-profit is to Transform lives through quality education and skills training. Chris is the co-founder of this charity and his team have developed a training program for the youth who have become disengaged in the formal school system in NSW.

Chris will present their new program to show how students can stay engaged in a practical but purpose driven competency based training with a hope of connecting them to the jobs of the future.

Jane Ruston Oct 29, 2019 6:15 PM
"In-Home Care" - What is it and how does it Work?
"In-Home Care" - What is it and how does it Work?

Jane Ruston from inhome Prestige Care will explain the benefits of ' In-Home Care"  which provides independance and personalised care all ' whilst remaining in the comfort of your own home".

Prestige Ihome Care has been providing high quality in-home care and personal services across Sydney for almost 20 years.

Jane will explain how to access government funded services and also how to look for quality providers of in-home care services.

Andrew May Nov 05, 2019 6:15 PM
Rotary Recycles Proposal

Andrew May, an experienced Marketing Professional has conceived a great fund- raising recycling proposal for our Rotary Club. The proposal not only has the potential of raising considerable funds for the club but will also benefit the environment. 

Andrew will explain how the program would work, which involves lidded and branded bins for recyclables. A partner community group would be involved (Scouts/Guides or similar).

This extremely interesting proposal is something that helps the environment, a partner group and connects with the community all whilst having the potential of raising a HEAP of funds for our club.

Cathy Booth Nov 12, 2019 6:15 PM
Umoja Orphanage Kenya

Cathy Booth’s passion for helping to give vulnerable children a second chance at life is inspirational. As a school teacher, mother of four, and grandmother of four, Cathy has always been an advocate for helping children to reach their full potential. After a short visit to Kenya in 2010, Cathy returned to Australia determined to start her own charity to combat child abandonment and orphaned children.  In 2016, after five long years of fundraising in Australia and creating the required infrastructure in Kenya, her dream of opening a self-sustainable children’s village in Ukunda, Kenya was finally a reality. Hear the difficulties of running the Umoja Project in a poverty stricken area of Kenya .

Cathy will speak about how Umoja is so much more than just a children’s home.  Umoja is a project  which also helps the community, and how the support of Rotary and Rotarian Volunteers, has helped her team truly achieve the extraordinary while Cathy has continued to work full time up until the end of June this year in her profession, whilst overseeing the project from Australia. Cathy returns to Kenya twice a year to take Rotary Volunteers and other volunteers to the project.

We hope that you will see how determination, persistence, and passion have made this project what it is today.  Cathy hopes she can be your inspiration.