Posted by Tania Mace on Nov 06, 2017

Small Grants Project in Eastern Indonesia assisting farmers and villages to improve agriculture

Heartland Academy Kathmandu Nepal providing education for girls to Year 10 

Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal in the Lane Cove Area

Lane Cove Rotary Fair

Lane Cove Youth Public Speaking Competition

Vocational Excellence and Local Hero awards for Lane Cove Area

Sponsor Rotary Youth Exchange

Sponsor Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Sponsor Rotary World Peace Fellows

Sponsor Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars

Donations and awards to local organisations including Community Aid, youth music and schools

* Formed Lane Cove Youth Orchestra and continues support
* Established Neighborhood Watch throughout municipality
* Donated two cars to Lane Cove Community Aid Centre
* Supported & assists annually in the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal
* Established Children's Diabetes Complication Assessment Clinic at Royal Alexandria Hospital for Children
* Formed the Prostate Cancer Foundation and continues support
* Planted 100 trees in Blackman Park to mark the Centenary of Rotary
* Overseas student exchanges and university study grants
* Sent building teams to reconstruct an Aboriginal Community Centre ‘Yal Balinga Dah” in Wagga Wagga
* Sent construction teams to New Guinea, Nepal and the Pacific islands to build hospitals and schools
* Donated to local and international charities and appeals